Membership Inquiries

Membership Inquiries

If you would like to ask a question, change your address or request a form for withdrawing equity, please contact the Pineland Co-op Administration Office or stop in to see us. The Administration Office is located upstairs in the Nipawin Food Store.

Types of Applications for Withdrawal:

  • Over Age Payment - Once you turn 70 years of age you are entitled to withdraw your equity by visiting the Administration Office and providing proof of age. A cheque will be written for you while you wait. We will retain $100 to maintain your membership.
  • Moved Away Payment - Members who move outside of Pineland Co-op's trading area may make application to withdraw their equity and close their membership. When making this type of application please provide a document with your new address as proof of your move. You will receive your payment one year from approval by the board of directors.
  • Estate Payment - In the unfortunate circumstance that a member passes away, the administrator(s) of the estate may request the membership be closed or transferred to a family member by presenting a death certificate and completing a short form. Please visit our Administration Office for the appropriate paperwork.
  • Other Request - You may make an application to the board to withdraw your equity if you feel that there are extenuating circumstances that do not fall into one of the categories above. Please provide a written letter with your request and any pertinent information. Your application will be submitted to the board of directors for consideration.